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KAMAL - Events/Activities
(11th May, 2013)   Exhibition layout for 2013
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(27th Mar, 2012)   Exhibition layout for 2012
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(27th Oct, 2020)   Meet 2009
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KAMAL provides a congenial environment in the knitwear sector of India where buyers meet sellers on a common platform. Much appretiated and successfull meet July 2009 which made a revolutionary mark in the knitwear industry of Ludhiana and gave a wonderfull response to the buyers as well as sellers. Some highlights covered in the pictures. 

(27th Oct, 2020)   Layout 2010
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Exhibition layout for 2010

(27th Oct, 2020)   Stall Setup
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Exhibition Stall Setup 2010

(27th Oct, 2020)   Trade Fair
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Trade Fair 2010

(27th Mar, 2010)   Glimses of Exibition 2010
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Glimses of Exibition 2010

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