knitwear trade fair in india
Ex – Vice Chairman Planning Board2013-05-11

Knitwear & Apparel Manufacturers Association of Ludhiana has proved itself worthy of doing wonders by holding consecutive buyers & Sellers meets during the last four years. KAMAL is organizing yet another such meet – Knits&Wears, 2012 from 12th to 16th May, 2012 at Harsheela & Whistling Wuds Resorts. They are also coming out with a souvenir containing useful information about the famous products and renowned manufacturers. The achievement has been the result of acting in unison, homogenous approach, collective thinking and firm determination. Attracting clientele from all parts of the country to showcase its products was never an easy job.

Acceptability of the goods manufactured by best of the best in the field of knitwear/textile was like a dream come true. I wish the Knitwear & Apparel Manufacturers Association of Ludhiana (KAMAL) all the best in their innovative endeavour.


Prof. Rajinder Bhandari

Ex-Vice Chairman Planning Board

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